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Kept myself tight-lipped for a good reason: however much of a cyberpunk I am that extent is really pointless nowI don't understand and I definitely don't support the fans' public outcry.

So first let me just quickly share with you my train-of-thought reactions on the not-so-fresh trailer - had to give myself almost a day to let it all sink in. I'll also rant why you should take five and not whine too much about the movie.

bitcoin trader pitch a dragons den-en

The Crow's one of my favourite movies, partly because of Wincott and Alien 4 is damn good a flic as long as he's alive. Major's doing her regular rooftop gravity romp thing, so that was a rhetorical question. Kowloon-like city shots are damn amazing, I wonder if there's going to be a scene where they have to go fight through streets that are so narrow that you can only walk sideways, one ripple btc tradingview at a time, would go so well with the Kowloon theme.

Motoko's lesbian take was even censored in the newer North-American VIZ editions 3 pages, if Bitcoin trader pitch a dragons den-en remember wellso I'm glad the reference is in there somewhere, what if they'd actually have the virtual lesbian threesome on the boat?.

Motoko looks out of scene when she pops up in that retake from the first movie. I don't know who to trust, Motoko is never this vulnerable in the series or the movies, not ever, not even when she's got an arm ripped off from her body.

Batou without eye implants? Motoko now goes on a spree to face her past?.

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Probably Kuze. So, that was two minutes and twenty-six seconds in my head. Thanks for being there. Now dress up and leave.

F1-es rajongói tokenek jelentek meg a Chiliz segítségével -

I deleted three paragraphs mostly ditching Arad and the unisex use of the expression "cunt talk". Look grateful. The GITS manga has a whole lot more tech, pol and tradecraft talk than the anime - this makes it very tight, iconic, cult-like, and also, hard to embrace for anyone who is not into this stuff. Nude geishas shooting everything that moves and then everything that does not? Super accessible. Introversion about artificial personality layering and its impact on a Maslow pyramid?

A kriptovaluta mai dinamikája.

Not accessible at all to most people. There, that's the Ghost In The Shell reinterpretation pitch for you.

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If Hollywood's doing a version, it's 1 for international waters and it's 2 for money. But use your brains first. Anyone who's not Japanese and tries to adapt GITS in any shape or form to the screen without thoroughly revisiting its core is prone to a fuckload of errors. Japanese cyberpunk is miles away from its Western hemisphere counterpart and you know what, I'm actually thankful that the Bitcoin trader pitch a dragons den-en industry didn't pick Tetsuo Body Hammer for a rework.

I mean, look at Westworld - given how many reviews I read about how hard-to-grasp it is, I'd be glad to link voting rights to the capability of a proper debate about AI transitioning. Behave like it's But this is a rant and the bottom line is: don't expect too much authentic mindwarping cyberpunk stuff from anyone on top.

It never worked that way.

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And if you wanted proper authentic Japanese Ghost in The Shell, watch the original movie and Innocence once again. They're cultic for a reason, an anchor in time. Want an international or European interpretation?

bitcoin trader pitch a dragons den-en

Go watch Avalon. Anything from the 2nd GIG onwards has lost a lot of its original density and coolness, so injecting new blood might not be a bad idea. Sure it won't be smarter but I'm also sure it won't be worse than the IP releases from the last few years. On the other hand, look at what's on the shelves now - we're having Blade Runner 2 and Ghost in The Shell on the big screen in Both promising to be "that one movie of the decade" that has a glorious all-encompassing cast that sort of serves as a carte postale of that era - Johnny Mnemonic, Repo Man: The Genetic Opera, maybe even The Matrix has a postal card on the cyberpunk shelves.

A kriptovaluták ára online.

It's high time we got one such movie for the s. They look cheaper than anything the Garbage Pail Kids tried to fuck in that dumpster yesterday. And also: when referring to how cyberpunk ScarJo is, just please stop referring to Her.

Lucy is a great reference film but as for Her, it's damn voice acting. Get your concepts straight for once. Yes, I stopped ranting. A bathtub full of coffee ready to inject in this great hate-spewing temple of mine. That can't wait now, can it. Planetdamage featured on The Cage 23!

Every year he releases a track selection from all the music he produced, remixed or mastered at The Cage Studios: and the selection entails brace yourselves! Snapshots of a Surveillance Bitcoin trader pitch a dragons den-en You might have stumbled into it in the header area, but if you haven't: my first EP is out.

bitcoin trader pitch a dragons den-en

As I've always loved wading knee-deep in Angelspit's blipverts or the audio commentaries Blue Stahli packed with his releases and as I've had LOADS of different MP3 drafts from different stages of writing a song, I thought it would be a great thing to actually make a production diary for each and every song.

This way you can hear how the first core loops sounded like, what the idea is behind each title or how Lensjammer, for example, was originally a jingle for a European Space Agency music competition.

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If you haven't grabbed the prod diary yet, now is the time - enter your email address here and grab a hefty download! He's a great guy, definitely knows his trade and I've surely learned a lot during our time working on the EP tracks - we actually agreed at some point that the premix tracks could have easily been called industrial dub as I've suffocated them with a more than fair amount of reverb and decay.

And it wasn't just him to remix these tracks - I could also feature long-time industrial favourite The Mercy Cage on the EP with a buddy of mine from the London days, Lhasa Mencur whose sound pack I also reviewed here earlierHungarian industrial veteran First Aid 4 Souls and the solidly-rocking Black Nail Cabaret. And the artist photos were shot by Balázs Kassaias always - he's not just a good friend since high school, actually but he's also the guy who makes the best photos of my weirdly changing, coffee-deprived face.

Peter had a great idea for creating an EP moodboard: he told me to pick a huge handfulmaybe? Weirdly enough, all of them feature screaming faces with protective eyegear.

bitcoin trader pitch a dragons den-en

It turned out that his buddy Jeremy Crypto exchange listing service has a statue that would be just the thing for the album cover - and from that moment on we were pretty much set! There was even a long phase of production during which I thought adding a crypto game to the EP would really boost everything, from downloads through SEO and exposure to national security flags.

I really wanted to encode a long list of references and messages into the artwork, the music, the lyrics, basically everything - but as I don't have the proper brain for crypto and I had noone to help me out, I just left the idea sunbathing somewhere far away. Still, the first idea that I came up with is still embedded, quite audibly, in Lensjammer and I've already gotten the first proper solution from it from an eager listener who'd like to remain nameless.

DAW: I'm actually proud to say that the original tracks were done with Renoise. When I was making music in the mid-nineties I've compiled the best tracks of that period under the title Track RecordI was working with FastTrackera music-making software with a vertical workflow, looking much like Excel.

Apparently that's the workflow I can work with, as I do have trouble finding an easy way into horizontal.

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And the lovely Renoise team even pimped the EP through their social channels, which is a nice touch, thanks guys! And yeah, there's more in the pipeline where this came from.

Until the new release, stream the older ones from Soundcloud or Bandcamp or just download the full pack there's some nice endorsements there from Leaether Strip and Angelspit! Weird chord progressions, but very stompable, lyrics are golden Angelspit quality, very solid.

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