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bitcoin ecommerce platform
Valószínűleg egy kis idő a jövőben, nem is olyan messze, hogy az e-kereskedelem, amely nem integrálja ezt a kriptovalutát, elavult lesz bitcoin, mint fizetési mód a platformján.

Find out more about us at Triple-A. Or: Upload triplea-cryptocurrency-payment-gateway-for-woocommerce. Choose your preferred settlement mode We give you the option: Receive bitcoin: If you are familiar with bitcoin and would like to receive bitcoin payments into your own bitcoin wallet Receive local currency: If your prefer to avoid a learning curve, avoid accounting trouble or simply prefer to be paid local currency to your bank account.

To receive bitcoin Provide the master public key of your Bitcoin wallet. Provide an email address to receive payment notifications.

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Your wallet will be linked to a TripleA account. Settings will be saved, page will reload automatically and you will be good to go!

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Important note: Our plugin generates a new, unique bitcoin payment address thanks to your public key. Our plugin does not support displaying the same address each time, so please do not enter a bitcoin address in the form.

We require One-Time Password validation of your email address code sent via email.

Speckart - A Decentralised Blockchain E-commerce Platform

Your TripleA local currency account will be created. If you require more than customising the payment gateway text and logo, let us know at support triple-a. Certain WooCommerce plugins might add custom order statuses. GYIK Can customer pay with bitcoins without registering on my website?

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There is no account needed for your clients to pay with bitcoins. They just scan the payment QR code and enter the right amount to pay. Very Easy.


Which cryptocurrency wallet do you support? Can you help me to integrate bitcoin payments to my website? Of course, our support team is always here to help.

Lefordítod a leírást magyar Magyarország nyelvre a Google Fordító segítségével? Incorporated in with RC; We pride ourselves in unparalleled customer service and relationship in the ecommerce industry. We operate with very high ethical standards and this is clearly defined in the quality of our transactions with our clients. The reviews so far has been remarkable.

Contact us by e-mail. Vélemények camocreations We got an huge mess with our Ledger wallet and those guys arranged a fast bitcoin ecommerce platform to sort it and they spent like an hour at the phone with us to solve it.

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First time we see a so good staff. Thank you guys! Very easy to set up, runs smoothly and beatufully!

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I have been using Gourl for a couple of years. I just found out today, that even though my customers paid their invoice, if bitcoin ecommerce platform didn't manually add the exact amount. They just keep it.

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I have sent out several thousand dollars of products but I was not getting paid. Totally ridiculous and fraudulent. This one was so easy to set up and the first practice transaction was without a glitch.

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Syncs immediately. Where have this plugin been all the time. I have not quite figured out how to get it to stay in my bitcoin wallet because my main desktop wallet is at home. Once I get my correct key, I am sure it will be as easy as having it sent to my bank account.

Fontolja meg a bitcoin integrálását az e-kereskedelembe, ne váljon elavulttá

Great job developers. Simple and easy to install and setup. Works great and the support team responded fast and had my issue sorted out with an update in no time.

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I would recommend highly as a simple way to get Bitcoin payments onto your ecommerce sie. Max Reliable, solid app which allows merchants to receive BTC without giving up custody. Very much appreciated for e-commerce stores starting out. Easy to install, set up and supports SegWit!

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